It is winter!

We don’t get a lot of snow in Oregon but we sure do get the rain!  I want to sketch more than people so have decided to sketch from my car.  My first attempt did not go well.  While people can move very quickly when you are sketching them  I discovered they can also park their car in front of you!

I do have some sketches of people. The first spread with watercolor in the background.


The second spread with Faber Castell marker in the background.


While I have not been posting I have been busy sketching and have started an online watercolor course with Jane Blundell in Australia.  More about the course in coming posts.

Sketchbook:  Stillman & Birn – 5.5 x 9 (portrait) – Alpha
Marker: Faber & Castell – Warm Gray Big Brush
Pen: Carbon Pen with Carbon Ink.
Pigments: Daniel Smith -Quin. Gold, Indigo, Transparent Orange
M. Graham – Ultramarine Violet, Pale Green

10 thoughts on “It is winter!

    1. I live in Lyons. It is a small town 20 miles east of Salem. About 76 miles from Portland. I do visit Portland as my husband and I sail and keep our boat on the Columbia River in Portland. I am retired so lots of time to sketch in coffee shops!

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  1. Carmel, how do you get so much detail in your faces! Were all of these done while you were all sitting somewhere? These can’t be parking lot people? I’m amazed by the features and shapes. I know these people have to be able to see themselves here. Great job and I love your watercolor backgrounds!!


  2. Laura, I love faces. Thank you for your comment. The more you draw faces the easier it gets to look at the person you are drawing and put in the their features. One of the first features i look for is the ear. The placement of the ear will dictate the view of the head and face. I am not drawing people from inside the car. I am to draw buildings or urban scenes. I want to draw more than people or to draw the surroundings so I can place people in them.


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