A Visit to Safeway

Most Safeway supermarkets in the Pacific Northwest have a Starbucks. They usually have good seating with a view of the people ordering or waiting for their coffee.

Yes that man has no legs.  He moved away very quickly.  The background is with Faber Castell markers.



The last two are my favorites.  I am finally starting to slow down to include the surroundings so the viewer can see the people are waiting in line or ordering their coffee.

Sketchbook:  Stillman & Birn 8.5 x 5.5 Alpha
Daniel Smith Watercolors: Transparent Red Oxide, French Ultramarine (grey tones)
Pyrrol Crimson and Cobalt Turquoise
Pentel Brush Pen
Faber & Castell Markers:  Warm Gray, Light Flesh and Earth Green


11 thoughts on “A Visit to Safeway

    1. Jill, the Alpha sketchbook takes watercolor. It is a medium weight paper. However, it takes watercolor. They also make a Beta and Delta which is a heavier cold press watercolor paper. The 9 x 6 Alpha has 124 pages. So good value. If you visit the Stillman & Birn blog you can request a free sample packet of their papers. Here is the link to their blog. Just send them an email requesting the sample pack. http://www.stillmanandbirn.com/blog/

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  1. love these, the lady in the boots and teal jacket is great! and…. you mention Cosco, Safeway, Starbucks, I’m jealous!! I used to live near Olympia, so I was ‘accustomed to these luxuries 🙂
    you have a wonderful free flowing use of watercolors, it is lovely. cheers, Debi


    1. Debi, thank you for visiting my blog. I just recently found your blog/website. I am new or revisiting watercolor after a long break. Thank you for the compliment. Costco is a luxury! It is also one of the best sketching locations. I was born in Sydney and have only briefly touched down at the Perth airport.I miss home, summers and warm weather. We have a lot of rain in the Pacific Northwest.

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      1. how coincidental.. where in Sydney? I LOVE Sydney and really miss it!!! lived there 12 yrs. now in Perth. Lived in grey Washington for 30 yrs. do miss Costco 🙂 NW summers are miniscule!

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      2. I lived in Gymea. Went overseas to South Africa and London returned to Sydney and moved to Caloundra, QLD. Met my husband (American) moved to the States. I have lived in Pacific Northwest for 16 years. In the States for 29 yrs. We sail. Hope to move to Port Townsend. Would love to return to Australia.

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      3. wow! Port Townsend has lovely water to boat and fish on, not ‘balmy’ but its water. I feel for you. I pined for the 6 yrs we went back to the USA, from Sydney. 29 yrs is a LONG time. hopefully, you get to come back here and visit often enough. When we went thru Gymea it was a nice quiet little town, that was some time ago now.

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  2. I did a trip home in 2004 and 2008. Saw Sydney again. Stood in Martin Place. Yes it is cool up north. The Port Townsend area is in a rain shadow protected by the mountains. So while cool, will not get the high rainfall. I hope to make it back to Australia in 2017. I have two brothers on the Sunshine Coast.


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