Going Gray!

I have a number of Strathmore toned sketchbooks so I have decided to take one along with me when I go sketching.  So two sketchbooks!

Not sure how I want to work on the paper.  Lots to explore.  All I know is, it is great paper.  Strathmore makes spiral toned sketchbooks (the one I am using) along with hard and softcover bound in various sizes. The spiral is an inexpensive way to try this paper. It comes in gray or tan.

Off to the library early in the week. I do have a book on creative lettering.  A subject that does not interest me until I see my lettering!


Then to Costco!



White gouache was added on these two with a gray transparent watercolor wash.  Not sure it worked!


After Costco onto the Mall.  Brush pen and white gel pen.  This is the combination I like best.

Sketchbook:  Strathmore  5.5 x 8.5 spiral- gray toned
Pen: Carbon pen EF nib, carbon ink and Uniball white Gelly pen, Sharpie white waterbased marker (Library sketch)
Paints: Schmincke white gouache (pan) Daniel Smith transparent watercolors Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna (Costco sketches)

I am reading a book at the moment and one that I can highly recommend. It may inspire me to crack open that book on lettering!

“The War of Art” Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield.   He wrote another book “Get the Work Done”, similar and an overlap in some chapters.






8 thoughts on “Going Gray!

    1. Thank you Lisa. The paper will take a beating. Perfect for opaque watercolor or maybe acrylics. I did some Gelli plate printing yesterday and used a sheet of gray toned paper with acrylic inks. Nice results. I made my own Gelli plates!

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  1. Carmel, these are great. Love the bank one best! I got some of those toned sketchbooks for Christmas but have been underwhelmed so far. I think it’s a learning curve, nothing wrong at all with the paper. I do love Strathmore paper in general, only their watercolor blocks give me trouble but love their sketchbooks usually. I think toned paper is a good exercise for a baby artist like me, because it really helps me focus on value and just getting the lights and darks in. Maybe that’s why I find it difficult? Always enjoy your figures. Has anyone ever asked you to show them your sketch of them?


  2. Laura, thank you. I like the bank one best. Not sure about the others but fun to see what works. When I saw your comment I went on a search to try and show you some of the work sketchbook artists do on toned paper. I am still looking. I have two really large pads of this paper. I got it when it first came out. My plan was to do sketches in black and white colored pencil or graphite and white charcoal pencil. Value drawings. There will come a time when you like the paper. The time is not right at the moment


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