Mixed Media!

Mixed media or mud media.  I had the urge to print with my homemade gelli plate during the week.  I wanted a supply of papers for collage in my sketchbooks.  There is a learning curve.  Like most ventures involving color you can get mud.  None the less I am happy with my stash of colored paper.  I even printed in my sketchbook!

The next time I went out sketching I had some interesting pages. I am not sure if the marks compliment the sketches or why I put an “i” on the end of the word “kiosk”!!

However different is good.!



4 thoughts on “Mixed Media!

    1. Jill, thank you. Seeing your fabulous work each morning over my morning coffee is what inspired me to play. I have the supplies, especially stencils. I did make mud however, found a video on Artist Network – Dina Wakley. It was about planning your colors. Good stuff! Now I need to try again. Keep inspiring me…please!!

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      1. I’m glad I can inspire you! 💖💕 When I do my Gelli printing, I will sometimes try to make them close to all one color like all yellows or contrasting colors on the color wheel. I think it is easy to use to many colors sometimes too because it is so fun to play! 😄


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