Searching for the line!



Sometimes the pen struggles to find what you are seeing!


The Coffee Shop!


The line up for coffee in the mall. An overstatement of their ‘line of action” could make these figures a little more interesting. Something I will focus on next time!

Sketchbook: Stillman & Birn Zeta
Pens: Lamy Safari with 1.1 calligraphy nib and Pentel Brush pen

Walking towards me!

I went sketching yesterday with the specific purpose of drawing people walking towards me.  We have a mall with empty tables in the center of the main walkway so it was easy to position myself.  I would have liked more people.  So I could have filled people in as they walked past me.  Profiles of people walking. I will save that for another day!



No facial details.  (That was hard for me!)  One foot planted firmly on the ground.  You will notice it is the same foot.  I am not sure if I went into auto pilot mode when I was sketching!  I do remember looking at what they were doing with their arms.  There is a lot to think about and you have to be quick.  It is that being quick and ensuring you are drawing what you are seeing is the trick.  I would like to find a location where there are a lot of people and they are repeating the same motion.  So what you miss catching with one person you catch with the next. I have two locations in mind.  I am really looking forward to the summer markets opening.

Sketchbook:  Daler Rowney Studio sketchbook – 70 lb paper…not suitable for water media.
Pen: Faber Castell calligraphy marker
Wash:  diluted ink in an old waterbrush (Lexington Gray)

In less than a minute!

I went out sketching yesterday.  The first time all week and I filled eight pages in a new sketchbook.  This is my favorite sketch from the day.   It was completed in less than a minute with a Sailor pen with a bent nib.juice-stand

The long green pen is the Sailor pen and the black pen is a Hero 86.  I found this on Ebay last year.  Both have similar nibs.


The sketchbook  is made by Daler Rowney and is of light weight paper (70lb) only taking very light washes of  color.  It has a nice strong cover which makes it heavy to carry in your bag but offers good support for sketching.

Found at Dick Blick



Figure Sketching Made Simple

This is new workshop on the Craftsy platform.

The artist is Suhita Shirodkar.  The focus of the workshop is to catch people in motion.  The first chapter of the workshop covers the line of action and building onto this line to develop the figure.

The workshop includes a number of videos for practice.  In no way do they replace sketching from life.  However, they do help you to practice the concept before heading out to sketch!

Here is a link to this wonderful artist.  Suhita Shirodkar offers a 50% discount.  See the link on her blog.