Number 46

I have just closed off Number 46.  I am not good at keeping track of what is in my sketchbooks or counting them.  I remember filling Number 13 and then Number 26.  I was surprised to find out I have just finished Number 46. I started this journey in July 2013.   I date my sketchbooks and this year I am going to start naming the year and volume.  Sketchbook Number 46 is 2016-Volume one!

I finished off this sketchbook at Costco.   I was surprised there was room to sit down and sketch on a Saturday.


The seats in the food court are red.  Lamy Safari pen and Noodlers Lexington Gray ink.

Lamy Safari pen with 1.1 Calligraphy nib.


4 thoughts on “Number 46

  1. Holy smokes – number 46??!! In 2 1/2 years, that’s amazing! More than one used up per month. I’ve been trying to fit more sketching in, but it ends up being on scratch paper or the large format newsprint I get. Pretty scattered.


    1. Lisa, working in a sketchbook is my main art form and I sketch on a daily basis. I cannot remember the last time I worked on a finished piece. Having a pen and small sketchbook in your car or bag is a great way to keep a sketchbook full of sketches. I take mine everywhere including Harbor Freight and Home Depot!


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