In less than a minute!

I went out sketching yesterday.  The first time all week and I filled eight pages in a new sketchbook.  This is my favorite sketch from the day.   It was completed in less than a minute with a Sailor pen with a bent nib.juice-stand

The long green pen is the Sailor pen and the black pen is a Hero 86.  I found this on Ebay last year.  Both have similar nibs.


The sketchbook  is made by Daler Rowney and is of light weight paper (70lb) only taking very light washes of  color.  It has a nice strong cover which makes it heavy to carry in your bag but offers good support for sketching.

Found at Dick Blick




10 thoughts on “In less than a minute!

  1. No I don’t use a timer. I had packed up and was leaving the mall, stopped for an instance to capture them. I do know we arrived at the mall at noon, found a restroom and we were back in the car at 12.17. So not a lot of time. 🤔


    1. Jill it is a Japanese calligraphy pen. Sketchers like to use them because you can get a variety of thickness in your lines. Jet pens sell this pen for $16.50 plus $8.00 for a converter which allows you to change the ink. Here is more information from Jetpens. Looks like they are sold out at the moment. The Sailor Pen company sells a variety of pens. Some are very expensive.


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