The Coffee Shop!


The line up for coffee in the mall. An overstatement of their ‘line of action” could make these figures a little more interesting. Something I will focus on next time!

Sketchbook: Stillman & Birn Zeta
Pens: Lamy Safari with 1.1 calligraphy nib and Pentel Brush pen


10 thoughts on “The Coffee Shop!

  1. The looseness of this sketch is really nice. How long did it take to sketch and paint it? I am still building up the courage to sketch in public places – any tips welcomed πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! I am a really fast sketcher. I will fill 8 to 10 pages within 30 minutes. The people I sketch are gone so quickly I do not paint on location although this is next on my list.I have all the gear to do it. I used to be shy about sketching in public. Hiding my sketchbook behind my bag. Then one day I put it on the table in a coffee shop. No one notices. People who do notice are so friendly and the people you are sketching are so involved in what they are doing. My drawings are not portraits but loose sketches of people in action ..walking, lining up, talking, shopping. I keep that thought in the back of my mind. Give it a try Pick a location at first where people will stay a while and where they will perform the same action..lining up and sitting down to drink coffee. If one person leaves before you are finished you can fill in with the next.

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      1. Wow I never thought of it like that – you are right loose sketches are less intimidating compared to portraits. I will definitely give a coffee shop a try now – thank you πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I wish I could find the first sketch I did in a coffee shop to show you. I live in a small rural town so have to travel 25 miles to find a coffee shop. Lots of practice, lots of crazy sketches that no one will see! Keep going with your sketching.

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    2. Hello again, I want to explain how I constructed this sketch. I sketched the first customer lining up for coffee, they left, I sketched in the next customer next to the first person. As each person left I sketched the next customer. When I had enough people I sketched in some details about the coffee shop. You are focusing on one aspect at a time. If one person leaves before you have completed them fill in the parts that missing from the next person that comes into your vision. Breaking down the components makes it easier πŸ™‚

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  2. One last thought…coffee shops are very busy, signs and products on display. You don’t have to draw everything, just enough to tell you story. I will sometimes moves objects around in a coffee shop..have fun!


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