Dreaming about Costco

I had dreamed about sketching people while they shopped in Costco.  So I followed my dream and landed in Costco on the first day of their monthly coupons!   So many people all going somewhere.  I had my sketchbook resting  in the front section of my cart.  Sketching in the food section was not a good idea.  I could not find a place to park my cart.  So I moved into the camping section!


and then to the battery and automotive section!


No one noticed me sketching.  Perhaps it was all a dream although it felt real!

Sketchbook: Daler Rowney Studio Cachet sketchbook.
Pens: Platinum carbon pen and ink; waterbrush with diluted ink and Kuretake Clean Color real brush markers (the color)



9 thoughts on “Dreaming about Costco

    1. This is just new! The dreams. However, not the first time. My sketchbook was in broad view. People pay no attention, unless you are parked in front of a food item that they want! So you have to move. I tried sketching in the line-up for the register to pay for your items, but had to stop…because it was essential, so it seems, to move your cart forward!

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