A Visit to Safeway!

Looking forward to Summer.  Spring means rain in Oregon.  Yesterday I went to Safeway to pick up some milk and do some sketching.  Before going to Safeway I sketched from my car.  It was raining hard, however I did manage to get a quick sketch of a building. More on buildings in a later post.

Safeway was fun.  It was late in the day and there were lots of shoppers.  I positioned myself in Starbucks.  This gave me a good view of people in Starbucks and people lining up at the checkout.   A good time of the day to sketch. Each sketch took  just on a minute. These people were on the move.  The Pentel Pocket brush pen is perfect for this type of sketching.

I filled 7 pages before leaving  here are some captures from the day…



Sketchbook:  Daler Rowney Studio – lightweight sketching paper
Pen:  Pentel Pocket brush pen and ink wash.


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