I will miss you….Starbucks!

Earlier this week I had an appointment downtown and some time to kill.  So we made our way to the nearest Starbucks only to find it was closed and the workers were breaking down the furniture.  We found the one remaining downtown Starbucks.   It was packed so no seating to sketch.  We took our coffee to the downtown mall.  Almost every second shop was empty.  We sat outside a pawn shop to drink our coffee.  I spotted this woman in the pawn shop!


Last night I learned my Starbucks in Lancaster Mall is closing tomorrow.  This is the main Starbucks  featured in my sketchbooks! I am lucky to have so many sketches.  However, I will miss the location  and so will a lot of  retired folks in Salem who like to meet there for coffee.    I think malls are becoming a thing of the past.   The same mall has a large Sports Authority store in the process of closing down.

Here are my last memories of Starbucks in Lancaster Mall!


Pentel Pocket brush pen, Lamy Calligraphy pen, Daniel Smith  paints, Stillman & Birn Zeta Sketchbook (color), pen washes in Daler Rowney  sketchbook.

On the plus side, the sun is out, sailing season starts soon, the Saturday markets start to open next month and there will always be a COSTCO!!






2 thoughts on “I will miss you….Starbucks!

  1. Hard to believe! Starbucks closing a store?! I wonder where everyone will go?! 😬☕️ Maybe there will be a local coffee shop for sketching? Always enjoy seeing what you do! ❤️🎨😍👍


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