Great Cushions!

The real estate “stagers” visited yesterday and installed new furniture and moved our furniture around. They removed my art and hung the strangest things on the walls. Our house is not a home but now a product to sell. They left some great cushions!

Here are some!




People are interesting!

My sketchbooks are mostly full of  people.  I sometimes feel I need to do more but then I find people interesting and I enjoy sketching them.  When I look at my sketches I can see a steady growth of confidence.   I can remember the people and that day at Starbucks or Costco!  There is still so much more to explore while catching people as they move through their day.  I will be heading out tomorrow to sketch after a busy week of staging our house for the real estate market!

Here are a couple more sketches from my last visit to the Saturday Market.

These people were near the food court. It was hard to get a clear view of them.

I was lucky in that I had a table near the food court.  These folks could not find a table so they sat opposite me on the side of the walkway.  There was an endless stream of people walking in front of me as I sketched.  What interested me most was the position of their legs.  Very quick sketches with minimal details.  The first sketch has a random head included!

Pen: Sailor Fountain Pen with bent nib.  Daniel Smith watercolors


Pen:  Pentel Pocket brush pen.  Daniel Smith watercolors.

Touching base!

Selling your house is not easy! I had to dismantle my studio and move it to another room!  Stressful!  So now I am camping out in my son’s bedroom trying to remember where I put things!

In the meantime I will share some of my sketches from last Saturday’s market.



A group of high school seniors were performing Shakespeare.  They were so much fun to listen to while I sketched their audience!  The exciting thing is I painted these at the market!

I have been sketching each day as we rearrange the house.  However, the scanner is not hooked up

Pen:  Sailor fountain pen with bent nib.  Daniel Smith watercolor paints.



The Saturday Market!

The Salem Saturday Market has opened for the season.  Two hours of Sketching!

File Apr 17, 11 29 01 AM

It was fun testing out my summer kit discovering what worked and what didn’t work.  The bag that carried everything did not work.  Oh to find the perfect bag!

A trip to the empty mall!

The mall seems so empty without Starbucks!  I sat on a bench seat to capture people as they walked by!


I have a new sketchbook!  I really wanted a nice sketchbook with watercolor paper.  I had ordered a pad of 50 sheets, 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Studio watercolor paper to work on for some of the exercises in Jane Blundell’s  online workshop, Mastering Watercolor.  However, I had better results with Arches cold press and even better results with Fluid Easy Block cold press paper.  So what to do with the Fabriano.   I took it down to Kinko’s and they made two 9 x 6 inch landscape watercolor sketchbooks.  The paper is great for sketches!

I also had them turn 9 x 12 inch sheets of Arches cold press and Fluid cold press into  similar sketchbooks.    If you do all the preparation first, the cost is $5.00.  They provide the  coil and cover.  I don’t mind the coil as 9 x 6 inch  landscape is a good size for sketching.