The weather warming up!  Just slightly!  That means more outdoor sketching.

We spent a couple days at the marina getting our boat ready for the sailing season. We also have our house on the market to sell. I am so lucky the realtor appreciates art as I have turned our dining room into my studio. I do keep it neat!

Here are some sketches from the past week.


The first is a house I passed by on my evening walk.  It has been a long time since I have sat down and painted a building.  So a test to see what I need to bring with me next time!  I made some notes on the sketch.

The second sketch is of the marina office.  I hope to return to this location over the summer and do some repeat sketches.

Where are the people?


My husband sits across from me on the boat each night reading his Kindle.  He knows he is  being sketched!  I think I completed seven in all!


There is a park near the marina.  This woman came and sat right next to me while I was sketching the marina building.   You will see some of the pink from her shirt in the sky of the marina sketch.  A note to carry clips to hold down a wet page!

All of the sketches were painted on site.  I have spent the last couple of days fine tuning my palette and sketching kit for this summer.  I will save that for another post.  Thanks for looking!

Sketchbook – 8 x 8 Aquabee
Pens: Sailor pen with bent nib, Pentel pocket brush pen
Paints: Daniel Smith



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