Touching base!

Selling your house is not easy! I had to dismantle my studio and move it to another room!  Stressful!  So now I am camping out in my son’s bedroom trying to remember where I put things!

In the meantime I will share some of my sketches from last Saturday’s market.



A group of high school seniors were performing Shakespeare.  They were so much fun to listen to while I sketched their audience!  The exciting thing is I painted these at the market!

I have been sketching each day as we rearrange the house.  However, the scanner is not hooked up

Pen:  Sailor fountain pen with bent nib.  Daniel Smith watercolor paints.




8 thoughts on “Touching base!

      1. Lisa, we have a agent and decorator who stages your house for sale. The decorator wanted it moved! We removed furniture we no longer needed and she is bringing in furniture today to stage the house. So that is exciting ..I think!


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