Moving right along ….

We are now in the box packing stage of our move. The scanner needs to go in a box! I have decided that sketching first thing in the morning is the only way to continue my daily sketching. It also prepares me for a busy day. It is far more enjoyable than my daily exercise workout and right up there with dark chocolate! 

A quick sketch of my new distressed jeans from Eddie Bauer … Free shipping combined with a sale price and birthday coupon made them a steal. They also represent how I feel these days while I get ready to pack my art supplies!

Keeping in line with my new practice I sketched myself first thing this morning. Before my morning coffee 😟


Today’s sketch!

I have a big drawing sketchbook that I play around in each day.  I am surprised how the drawing paper holds up to watercolor.

We are now under 3 weeks before we move.  More boxes to pack!sketch

The pen is a Preppy pen with EF nib and carbon ink.  It costs under $5.00!

An old haunt!

    Today I visited Starbucks in Target! It has been a while! Looks like the same people!

    I have filled another sketchbook and am experiencing some adjustment as I move from cold pressed paper to hot pressed paper in a Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook.

    Pen: Lamy Safari with calligraphy nib 

    Daniel Smith paints

Half of the footlong!

This is my half of the footlong from our trip to Subway.  We are on the boat in Portland this weekend. So hopefully more food to sketch! While I am mostly a leaf eater I do have ham and turkey when I share with my husband however no mayo .. Just a dash of pepper 🙂