Sketching my way through the week

It has been a busy week which included IHOPs, a hospital and a legal meeting! However, I had my sketchbook in hand  to capture the moments.

We went to IHOPs twice.  The first time to celebrate my husband’s birthday and the second time to break a 36 hour fast after a hospital procedure!  The seating was great for sketching and the pancakes were yummy!

We spent a whole day in Portland attending a legal meeting . The hand of the lawyer holding the cell phone looks reversed. It may be, it was one of those days! Part of day  required  waiting in a half empty mall which housed a second hand bookstore.


My husband found this book in the bookstore and bought it for me as an early birthday gift.  It is full of wonderful sketches all very loose.  Lots of inspiration. I am so lucky to have a supportive husband who follows my art journey.


This is a book I recently added to my library.  I am sorry about the elastic.  However, that elastic is super for marking your place in the book.

I ended the week in a fun location at the Saturday market.  More on that tomorrow!


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