Capturing crowds

There is no doubt about it when the sun comes out in Oregon so do the people. A return visit to the Saturday market!


I spent 4 hours at the market sketching.  The people are wonderful not just to sketch but  for the smiles they give when they see you are sketching.


This and the first sketch were started by  painting the people first with a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Transparent Red Oxide (nice gray) The pen strokes were added last.


The crowds are fun to capture!  The woman with the orange skirt and blue socks was a must!

Two sketches of the same group.

I will disappear again this coming week.  We are doing a road trip to Washington State to look at possible locations to move to this summer.  As always I will have my sketchbook with me.

I have a new addition to my sketching tools.  One that I am very excited about.  More on that next time.


7 thoughts on “Capturing crowds

  1. Great sketches, a lot of movement with few strokes it seems… I’m too slow for this I’m afraid. Today I was on the hunt for people to sketch, but I need way too long to capture the poses. But I’ll keep on trying:-)


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