My view in the morning!!

My studio was moved into my son’s room with some boxes while we showed our house.  The house has sold and we have found a nice house to move to in Washington State.  It is near  a marina for our boat and has a room suitable for a studio..Happy Dance!

For next four weeks this will continue to be my view in the morning.  Then we will go through a short period of being homeless as there is two weeks between closings.


In my last post I mentioned I had a new sketching tool.  I treated myself to an Ipad Pro and the Apple pencil.   I did not get the new larger size although I played around with it in the store.   It was awfully big.  While I don’t mind people seeing me sketch it would be a lot to carry around.   I have Paper 53 and Procreate.  Procreate has a learning  curve however, I am making progress!  That “Pencil” has a definite fun factor!









8 thoughts on “My view in the morning!!

  1. What wonderful news that you not only *sold* your home but found a new one with your OWN studio space – how exciting! I’m amazed that your “e-sketch” looks pretty much the same as your pen & paper ones. Looks like fun!


  2. Lisa, thank you. It is exciting. Although I think the excitement will set in once we get through the move. When I arrived in Oregon I was colored pencil artist. Not too many supplies …15 years have passed and I have tested the waters in a number of different directions and collected supplies in the process! The Apple Pencil is unique you can turn it to the side to shade. I just need to understand the best way to add color.


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