That dinner invitation!

I have been a daily sketcher for a couple of years now.  However when life is in a state of flux it is hard to get inspired. Although on the other hand it can provide the nudge needed to leave your comfort zone. Here are some sketches without people!

This week I am food sketching.   Inspired by Matthew Midgley, an English illustrator teaching in “Polishing” an online course with Sketchbook Skool.

Matthew Midgley’s lesson came just in time.  Earlier in the month I received a very nice dinner invitation from Charlie O’Shields at Doodlewash.   I love food, almost as much as sketching, however I was not sure about sketching it.  I do get nervous about potlucks.  I don’t think this is a potluck!


This is an organic black bean veggie burger…oh yum!!! The sauce went everywhere!!


Here it is again with a GIANT tomato!


Chicken sausages, salad and toast!!


15 thoughts on “That dinner invitation!

  1. Wow! What an amazing set of sketches! LOVE these Carmel! 😍And so cool you’re food sketching this week… can’t wait to see more. It was actually funny as it’s lunch here and I opted for a salad although I really, really wanted a burger and then I saw your post come up! But your black bean version sounds much healthier than the ‘Jalapeño Business Burger’ I was eyeing. 😊

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