Double everything!

Today I  had my eyes tested and found out that I have double vision!  It is just as well I don’t focus on too much detail in my sketches.

Today’s sketch is with the help of the Sktchy App.  Yes that is the correct spelling ..although it is hard to read the print!


Pen: Sailor Pen with bent nib


7 thoughts on “Double everything!

    1. Laura they can correct it. I should have new glasses in weeks. This not a digital sketch…I did it on old fashioned paper 😀 The app. I mentioned is available on the Apple platform. People post photos of themselves to be sketched. Artists are encouraged to upload their sketches in the app. I did read today an Android version will soon be available.

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  1. This is a fabulous sketch! 😍Double vision… hmmm…. so that’s your mysterious secret of how you see things so well and interestingly observed in your sketches. 😉Glad it’s correctible for other reasons, of course, but it really hasn’t stopped you from producing fabulous work!

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