Today’s sketch!

I have a big drawing sketchbook that I play around in each day.  I am surprised how the drawing paper holds up to watercolor.

We are now under 3 weeks before we move.  More boxes to pack!sketch

The pen is a Preppy pen with EF nib and carbon ink.  It costs under $5.00!

10 thoughts on “Today’s sketch!

  1. Wonderful sketch – like all the colors in this one! Does this mean you were able to sell you home? I bet you will be glad when this move is behind you! 🙂


  2. Carmel! Have you heard of this site ? Another artist posted about it this morning and it is AWESOME. timed poses of hands, feet, figure, face, whichever you like and you have a choice of times and number of images per session. You should totally check it out. I warn you, it is addictive! Artistcoveries is the blogger who posted about it.


  3. Laura, I have heard of it and I think I have it bookmarked somewhere on my computer. I really should look at the hands. I struggle with hands! Thank you for the reminder. It is not always possible to get out and sketch people so it is good to put sketching miles on our pens with these sites.


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