Finding Starbucks!

I thought the time before the move was busy.  Well the time after the move can be even busier especially as you cannot find anything!  Still my studio is  set up and has been rearranged at least five times.  My husband found a fun rug at Ikea with splashes of color.  My floor is wooden and most of the pieces of furniture in my studio have wheels.   Everything moves easily.

I finally took time off from unpacking to find Starbucks.  It is somewhat different.  All the tables and chairs are set close together.  So I struggled to find a good location to sketch people. It took a couple of moves before settling in.


I felt rusty so decided to focus on faces or heads for a while.


I had all the good intention of participating in National Watercolor Month.  I am never good at monthly themes,  monthly challenges or posting homework for online workshops.  I am happy doing my own thing each day and turning the page! In the last week I have been exploring working in layers with Tracey Fletcher, an Australian artist.   This coming week I will be exploring the work of Jean Haines.  Both use extremely opposite techniques to achieve a loose style in watercolor.

Sketchbook:  Stillman & Birn Beta
Paints:  Daniel Smith

Here is that rug!




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