My first Lavender festival.  So many people arrived in town to celebrate the 20th Annual Sequim Lavender Festival.  The street fair and food court were perfect for sketching!

I am back to using a Daler Rowney Cachet Studio sketchbook.  A great sketchbook with an extra hard cover to support sketching in the street.  Perfect for the Pentel brush pen but will only take a very light watercolor wash.  Here are some captures. No details just lines!



I filled ten pages of my sketchbook  The last page is my favorite.  I stopped to  captured two musicians as I left the festival.


It is a three day festival so I am hoping to return again tomorrow. To sample some more lavender ice cream and perhaps sketch!

Ice Cream

I have an exciting week ahead.  I am joining a local life drawing group that meets each week!   This is something I have always wanted to do but has not been possible until now!

The first thing I will need to do is slow down.  I am an extremely fast sketcher.



15 thoughts on “Lavender!

  1. Hi Carmel, I’m amazed that you drew these with the Pentel brush pen. I’m practicing with it too but my lines are twice as thick as yours. I love the pen but it’s hard to achieve the light and thin lines I see here. I would love to be an extremely fast sketcher. Right now I’m an extremely slow sketcher. 😦

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    1. Beth thank you! It has taken a lot of practice. Try drawing a square then practice drawing lines in the square varying your pressure. It will come with practice. It is one of my favorite tools. Sometimes drawing lines and learning how a pen responds can be the best practice.

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