Volume 14

This year I started a new numbering systems for my sketchbooks.  I am about to start Volume 14. Volume 12 is a sketchbook I have sitting in my studio to play in and Volume 13 is the small sketchbook I have in my bag at all times with a small pencil case.   The third sketchbook I use will be Volume 14. It is the one I take to coffee shops and markets to sketch in. I am in my third year of sketching each day.  The number I do each day varies.  It is not something I have to do, nor it is a big production. Sometimes it is a quick sketch of the car in front when held up in traffic.  It just happens.

Yesterday I visited the Sequim Saturday Market.  It was much smaller than the one in Salem.  However offered lots of sketching opportunities and a nice table in the shade to set up for sketching and painting.  I met lots of people who stood behind me to watch and chat. I was surprised myself being at ease while they watched!


I never did get up to see what they were selling!


Lots of knitted vests!


They were selling slippers and not bags as the sign indicated.

The pen:  Lamy pen with calligraphy nib. The sketchbook:  Stillman & Birn Beta.

Life drawing was cancelled last week much to my disappointment.  It has been scheduled again for this week.   It will depend on how many artist are attending each week for the session to move forward.  Each participant pays $10 for the model.  I hope this week is not cancelled.

Today I am heading out to look at buildings which means some perspective although I am sure I will catch some people!


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