Looking for a building!

I packed my sketching kit on Sunday and headed to downtown Sequim to sketch a scene.  I am a little self conscious about pulling out my sketching stool so sat down on a city park bench.  I decided to go small and draw the stop lights and include the outside area of the coffee shop across the road.  All was going well until I noticed people waiting in front of me for the lights to change!  I had found people and not buildings!

The first sketch is of the background.  I waited for people to stand at the lights so I could place them in the sketch.  My pen lines were really searching for the right direction for the roof of the coffee shop!  I took two sketchbooks.  This sketchbook is a Daler Rowney Studio sketchbook.  Not meant for wet media but a fun sketchbook for brush pens or bent nibs.


The second sketch is of the same scene.  I waited for people to approach the stop lights and slipped them into the sketch. I can see a problem with my vanishing points! The sketchbook is Stillman & Birn Alpha more suited to wet media.


There were too many exciting visions of people!


This last one I just let loose then packed up.  I  had spent two hours on a park bench.


Here is  the bench!


I really need to do better on my quest to find buildings.  Tomorrow is life drawing!

The pen is a Sailor pen with bent nib.




8 thoughts on “Looking for a building!

  1. When I painted outside at the lake, only two people asked what I was doing. I don’t think people are aware sometimes as they are so busy or they don’t know what to say. 🤔 Now, I would have stopped and had a conversation with you! 😍🎨 Such interesting people sketches, Carmel! YAY for park benches! 🌞

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      1. Oh, no! Easy to get a sunburn in this warm weather we are having in the Pacific NW! 🌞 And I agree, people are funny! 😃🎨 They are missing out on so much by being too busy, IMHO! 🤔

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  2. I’m always happy to see another sketcher or painter (that doesn’t happen very often…), it sometimes feels like I’m the only one in the whole town that dares to go outside. Great sketches Carmel, I love your people!

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