A market & potluck

Back to the Saturday market and a potluck dinner.

I have been studying and practicing perspective during the week with a view to drawing more of the surroundings with my people.  It does seem to be getting easier.



I found a young man playing a guitar and tried to capture the people watching him. Yes, I should have  captured the young man!  It was difficult. I was sitting at a picnic table and was joined by another onlooker who would not sit still however you learn to go with whatever is happening while sketching. I ended up including her in the top of the sketch.


The day ended with a potluck.  It was fun event and a chance to meet our neighbors.  I took my sketchbook along with food and wine and captured my next door neighbor!


Sketchbooks: Stillman & Birn Alpha with Platinum carbon pen.  Daler Rowney  Studio sketchbook with Pentel brush pen.




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