Something new!

No sketches of people at the market or  Starbucks. Although I visited both locations. This week something new!  I will have to admit some weeks I start to question what I am sketching.  It just happens for a moment and is usually when I introduce a new concept into my work.  While I enjoy my loose style of sketching people.  I am still searching for my style in watercolor painting. It makes sense it should also be somewhat loose.

I  like the work of Tracey Fletcher and her workshop Delicious Paint.  Layering my colors works sometimes for me. I also like  the painting style of various urban sketchers Liz Steel, Marc Taro Holmes, Shari Blaukopf, Suhita Shirodkar and lately  Anne-Laure Jacquart. The last artist introduced me to the work of Jean Haines.

I have struggled with watercolor blooms!  Trying not get to them.  This week I have been practicing to create them. Finally a loose form of  watercolor painting can be found in Jean Haines’ Atmospheric Watercolors.  My goal now is to introduce some components of this loose style of painting into my sketches.  I know it can be done!  (I am sorry the scan of her book is not straight!!)


Here are some of my watercolor washes.  Jean Haines recommends doing three each morning.  I manage 1 or 2 a day every other day.  I still go the the market,  Starbucks and Life Drawing each week. Plus add sailing to the mix! It is somewhat of a juggling act.


I study these washes.  Some I see things and I will eventually go back to them to paint a loose form of what I am seeing.  I sure wish I had noted what colors were used!  It is a different way of painting.  I am not working with a limited palette and mixing my colors.  Although I can see color theory  coming into this style of painting.  It is easy to mix mud if you are not too careful!

Life Drawing Update: I have attended the class for just on four weeks.  I could not work on newsprint as suggested nor graphite or charcoal. I have settled on working with a brush pen and colored pencil on sketchbook paper.  I am hoping to bring watercolor into the mix at some stage. When we have a long pose I can finish in 5 minutes!  That leaves me to drawing the same pose a couple of times with a different tool.   Something I don’t mind doing.  When I get tired I start drawing the other artists.  It is a good deal as no one is going to get up and leave!

I was going to post a sketch from life drawing.  I have noted some artists give a warning. Maybe I need to create a separate page. I am certainly open to any ideas!

Here are my materials!

Washes:  Arches color press paper with Daniel Smith paints.
Life Drawing:  90lb sketchbook paper and Kuretake Sumi Brush Pen.


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