Saturday’s Sketches

A return visit to the Saturday Market in  Sequim.    A very familiar scene.  Just different people! Yes I need to change my location however it is the only table in the shade!


Lately I have been  doing some warm up sketches in colored pencil before my ink sketches.  I leave some sketches as is and wonder why that doesn’t happen in ink! Others I will ink over.

Tonight I played with a green ballpoint pen and followed up with green watercolor and   neon highlighters.  I soon got tired of doing the lettering.     Last  week I played with a purple ballpoint pen and purple watercolor. Not sure what color I will do next week.   Not all the pages in my sketchbooks are of people in coffee shops and markets.  I do a lot of testing of media and techniques.  I also practice, play and practice!

I hope you have a good week!




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