Finding something new..

You can definitely get in a rut at times.   I have been working on buildings of late in my sketchbook.  Things have to go through that ugly learning stage before they get better.  A challenging couple of weeks helped with Liz Steel’s course on Buildings.  This is the third course Liz has presented through her website Sketching Now. All have been so good.    See Sketching Now for more information!

So sketching buildings is new and so is finding a new coffee shop and we have found a new boat! While the boat is not new, it is new to us. We should take possession of the boat in the coming week.

Here are a selection of sketches.


This first one is from a meeting with the Yacht Club.  I should have been paying attention to the presentation but got excited about the opportunity to sketch in the dark.


I discovered when I visited Starbucks they had changed all the seating around.  My high chair had been moved.  So I took a new view in lower seating.


A new coffee shop.  The cost of coffee is slightly under that at Starbucks and has a nice taste!  The inside is neat. Full of interesting stuff to sketch. I would like to return and just do a detailed sketch of the interior.  If you sit near the window you can easily sketch the customers  sitting outside.

I am starting to look at buildings the same way that I look at people.  So that is a good sign.   While it would be fun to drive everywhere to find interesting buildings my sketches would have more meaning if they were sketches of places in Sequim. I will say the neighboring town of Port Townsend has some incredible buildings!  When we first visited Sequim to look for our home this building caught my eye.  It continues to fascinate me. So there will be more sketches to come.  I believe it once stored grain.


The first three sketches were sketched with a Lamy Safari pen with a fine nib in a Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook.

The sketches in the new coffee shop were sketched with a Lamy Safari pen with a 1.1 calligraphy nib and in a sketchbook I had made up at Kinkos from Fluid Easy Block watercolor paper.  This is sketchbook #15 for 2016. (I think!)

The building was sketched with Sailor pen with bent nib in the Kinko’s sketchbook and my inside my car!

Thank you for looking…now back to sketching!





Lots of people..everywhere!

Over the weekend I attended the 40th Annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival in  Washington State.  There were lots of people and the most beautiful wooden boats. We live just 30 miles from Port Townsend.

The festival was similar to a conference where attendees could sign up for educational sessions on sailing.  So naturally I sketched the people in the sessions I attended.




I did twenty three sketches in all.  I won’t post all  of them.

I  also took 600 plus photos over the weekend.

I still need to sort through them.  Hopefully some will help me in my quest to sketch a sailboat!




Now back to sketching!

Hello again!

I have been missing in action again.   Life has been busy and when that happens I stop posting and continue sketching!  Some of my daily sketches from the past couple of weeks.

Starbucks! Although I am pleased to say I have found a new coffee shop for sketching.  Hopefully I will make it there this week.


A sketch and a little collage from the Saturday market!


Mother and child at Starbucks.  They were talking …no cell phones!


I found an old accordion sketchbook in my stash of sketchbooks.  So I have been playing  in it at Starbucks.

I am afraid I will go missing again.  I started a new online workshop with Liz Steel on Buildings.   There is some homework involved.

Lots of sketching opportunities at the moment.  The annual Port Townsend Boat Festival started today.  A full day of sketching!  Two more days of the festival.

Thanks for looking.