Life Drawing Class

A couple of drawings from today’s life drawing class.  So much fun to capture people who will not dash off!




A glimpse from the past!

I have not always been a daily sketcher.  My last posting of watercolor pencils brought up memories.   I fell in love with colored pencil and stayed focused for 12 or more years. Mostly animal portraiture. Gradually my colored pencil work took on the look of pastel. So I progressed to pastels and focused on color in still life.   I have always had a love of portraiture …people.

Here is a glimpse from the past!

Colored pencil!



Pastel pencil!


The real challenge for me has been drawing from life.   All of my prior work was from photos.  I would spend hours photographing cherries.  I still have folders and folders of cherries and other fruit on my computer. I studied how to photograph animals!

I am happy where I am today…sketching from life.    It continues to be an interesting journey.


It has been a busy week.  We said goodbye to sailboat number 2 and hello to sailboat number 3.  I also finished sketchbook number 16 and started 2016 – sketchbook 17.

Sketchbook seventeen is a Stillman and Birn Alpha 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches with 94 pages.  It will be interesting to see if it takes longer than a month to complete.


The end of sketchbook sixteen.


The start of sketchbook seventeen complete with a stamp.  My lino cutting and stamp making venture is slow going.  There is a learning curve which if I am not careful will distract me from sketching.


Looking at using watercolor pencils more.  I have spent sometime organizing a palette of pencils to keep on hand.

Since completing these pages I have made two trips to Starbucks.  More sketches to come!

An Audience!

We have a storm coming in the Pacific Northwest so I took the opportunity to visit Starbucks and sketching a building from my car in the rain.

I had a surprise audience in Starbucks.  I sat back after finishing one sketch and found four young women standing behind me watching me sketch.  Don’t hesitate to go out and sketch in public.  The experience and meeting people is so much fun!



The young lady in the right side of the photo.


This gentleman is in the back of the photo.


A couple to the far right side! (not in the photo)


I am excited about the progress with my buildings!

I have just started a Lino Printing 101  with Tracey Fletcher,  a creative illustrator from Brisbane, Australia.  My old stomping ground….Australia!  I have just finished Sketching Now Buildings with Liz Steel, an Urban Sketcher from Sydney, Australia.  Most definitely my old stomping ground.  Sydney is my home town.

I am also doing a Piloting course to learn about navigation for our sailing adventures next summer.  Lots of learning going on!

Keep sketching!

Materials:  Lamy Safari pen with 1.2 calligraphy nib.  Daniel Smith watercolor paints.  Spiral sketchbook made from Fluid Easy Block watercolor paper..cold press.


We went out to breakfast this morning.  Not something we do often. However today is my son’s  birthday.  He loved french toast and pancakes.   My husband had french toast and I had pancakes.  The restaurant was busy.  It was interesting to look at the people and wonder if there was a reason behind their visit.


There was one big family to side.  Not all could finish their breakfast.  Some took leftovers home in a box.

Next to them  was  a smaller and younger family.  The little girl kept coming over to hug mommy.  Unfortunately  I did not catch the hugs.


I glanced at the woman beside me.  She was by herself and eating a healthy breakfast while she played with her phone.  Breakfast arrived so I did not capture her!

Materials:  Sketchbook made from Fluid watercolor blocks and Pentel pocket brush pen.