A mixed bag this week from seagulls to buildings and finally people.  I have been studying buildings most of the week so this morning I went out in search of people.   Peak time at a coffee shop is ten in the morning.  I reached Starbucks close to noon when they were wiping off the tables.

The seagulls I found in Port Townsend.


One of the buildings I sketched this week was Tootsies, a drive through coffee shop.   This black and white sketch does not do justice to the building which is bright pink!  I really need to go back and spend more time capturing Tootsies in color.


The faces of Starbucks!  Yes, that is the same bearded gentleman just a different pen! .



manA mixture of pens. Lamy Safari pen with fine nib for the building and some of the people.  Lamy Safari pen with 1.2 calligraphy nib for some of the people and the seagulls.

October is Inktober time again. It is really fun to see all the ink sketches.  I gave some serious thought to taking the challenge however I am not good with challenges or prompt lists.  I lasted three days during Everyday in May and Watercolor Month. There is sometimes a sense of disappointment when you drop out of a challenge.  It was easy for me to adopt a practice of sketching daily almost three years ago. I  get addicted to things. High on my list are coffee, dark chocolate and walking along with sketching in ink with a splash of watercolor. I am good with what I am doing although I love cheering others on!


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