An Audience!

We have a storm coming in the Pacific Northwest so I took the opportunity to visit Starbucks and sketching a building from my car in the rain.

I had a surprise audience in Starbucks.  I sat back after finishing one sketch and found four young women standing behind me watching me sketch.  Don’t hesitate to go out and sketch in public.  The experience and meeting people is so much fun!



The young lady in the right side of the photo.


This gentleman is in the back of the photo.


A couple to the far right side! (not in the photo)


I am excited about the progress with my buildings!

I have just started a Lino Printing 101  with Tracey Fletcher,  a creative illustrator from Brisbane, Australia.  My old stomping ground….Australia!  I have just finished Sketching Now Buildings with Liz Steel, an Urban Sketcher from Sydney, Australia.  Most definitely my old stomping ground.  Sydney is my home town.

I am also doing a Piloting course to learn about navigation for our sailing adventures next summer.  Lots of learning going on!

Keep sketching!

Materials:  Lamy Safari pen with 1.2 calligraphy nib.  Daniel Smith watercolor paints.  Spiral sketchbook made from Fluid Easy Block watercolor paper..cold press.


9 thoughts on “An Audience!

  1. Hope you don’t get the high winds they are predicting! So far we have just had a blustery fall day here with lots of leaves swirling around. 🍂🌬🍁 So fun you had an audience watching you sketch. 😃 And your building looks amazing! Bravo!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


  2. I love to go out on your Starbuck trips. I can smell the coffee, hear the noise of the blenders going and finding a clean table to sit at is always a challenge!
    You found a great spot to sketch. Can’t wait to see what you do for your new class.

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  3. Hi Carmel, your building looks great! Did you find Sketching Now Buildings with Liz Steel helpful? Have you taken any other courses from her? I’ve taken some of the sketching courses on Craftsy, some were good, others not so much but they are cheap, so worth the gamble. So much stuff on line it’s hard to decide. Always looking for recommendations. Thanks Beth

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  4. Beth thank you! You are right there are so many online courses available. Liz Steel’s courses are so good. She puts a lot into each course. Buildings was great. I now look at buildings differently. Excited to do more. There are some excellent courses at Craftsy? Marc Taro Homes, Shari Blaukopf and Suhita Shirodkar. Stephanie Bowers for perspective!

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