It has been a busy week.  We said goodbye to sailboat number 2 and hello to sailboat number 3.  I also finished sketchbook number 16 and started 2016 – sketchbook 17.

Sketchbook seventeen is a Stillman and Birn Alpha 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches with 94 pages.  It will be interesting to see if it takes longer than a month to complete.


The end of sketchbook sixteen.


The start of sketchbook seventeen complete with a stamp.  My lino cutting and stamp making venture is slow going.  There is a learning curve which if I am not careful will distract me from sketching.


Looking at using watercolor pencils more.  I have spent sometime organizing a palette of pencils to keep on hand.

Since completing these pages I have made two trips to Starbucks.  More sketches to come!


11 thoughts on “Seventeen!

    1. Yes I do have Prismacolor and probably too many. I worked in colored pencil exclusively for over 12 years in a completely different style of semi realism. Thank you for giving the heads up. Prismacolor are top quality!


    1. Thank you Jill. The colored pencils in the sketchbook are watercolor pencils. I really don’t have a favorite set of colored pencils (non watercolor) Prismacolor are suited to pastelbord and paper with a slight tooth and will take lots of burnishing, Derwent Colorsoft on sanded surfaces (Colorfix) and Faber Castel is perfect for pastelbord. I have not work in colored pencil for a number of years. I know there have been some great advances in color pencil techniques.

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      1. I have Prismacolor which I LOVE but would like to try some others. I have Staedtler watercolor pencils but I don’t like them that well or maybe I just don’t know how to use them properly. Thanks for the info! 😄🎨👍

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    1. Thank you Birgit. Congratulations on starting Number 10! I have only just started numbering the first page of my sketchbooks in this manner. I normally leave the last page blank or would rush a sketch to end a book. This way you get over the fear of the first page and end on a nice note!

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