Last one …maybe!

I believe this will be my last sketchbook of the year. Yes, I got a little carried away with the first page.


I am working in an old favorite. A Strathmore soft cover mixed media 7.5 by 9.5 inches sketchbook. I am also slowing down with my sketching.  Ensuring that I paint each sketch  before moving on to the next.  I find that hard to do.  Especially if I see something interesting going on.

I visited Starbucks on Monday.  They have changed their cup once more.

A quick sketch of their Christmas display.


I have also been playing around with alphabet stamps.  It is just as easy to write the date!

Pen used in these sketches.  Sailor 55 bent nib fountain pen.



Reader Theatre

We went to a performance of Reader Theatre on Saturday night.  The play was “A Nice Family Gathering”.  We sat in the second row.  On arrival my husband suggested we sit in the front row.  I came well equipped with my sketching supplies but  did not want to distract the performers and I was not too sure I wanted to be noticed.  I  elected to sit in the second row

On reflection it may have been better in the front row.  I could not catch a full view of the  actors.  So I practiced faces changing my pen as the night went on.  At one point I dropped my supplies on the floor.

Some of sketches from the evening.



They were all reading from yellow books throughout the performance!

I changed to colored pencil for a brief time!



Other things in my sketchbook!

This page is a result of my frustration with lino carving or lino printing.  Although I am more interested in making stamps.   I have spent hours learning how to carve.  My skills are improving.  I am just not sure what to carve? My mind blanks!

linoI tend to play with carving just before I head to bed.  My main focus of late has been sketching buildings.  This has mostly been from my car due to wet weather.  When I first started sketching people I got frustrated when someone would step in front of the person I was sketching.  I soon learned to just include that person.  I have discovered that cars can be a problem when sketching a building.  You think you have a good view and then a car blocks it.  I could include the car, and I have at times.  However, when you are sketching in your car, another car can quickly block most of the view.  This is one of my sketches.  I believe the third attempt.  A big black pickup parked in front of my car just as I wanted to paint. The car covered approximately three quarters of the view of the building in my sketch. At this point I called it a morning.  I did take a photo of the view before I started so have that to fall back on should I decide to finish painting it.


We attended another meeting on weather.  This related to sailing.  I tried to take notes.   My focus soon turned towards the instructor.   I am so thrilled with that hand.  I cut the sketch out of my note book and added to my sketchbook.

The second sketch on the opposite page is of pencil case which holds a selection of Preppy pens and brush pens.  The reason behind this sketch was to practice pushing  some color into my watercolor painting. I was also trying to improve my writing. However I always seem to fall back to wonky writing especially if I make entries when I am out sketching.


Preparing for the big one.

We attended an earthquake preparation meeting this week.  I took my sketchbook along to take notes!


Lots of great information.  It did not take me long to scan the room for an interesting face. I tried a number of times to catch the shape of the hat on this woman.

The Assistant Fire Chief was somewhat animated.  I know I have a 30 day supply of food.  I tend to  stock up on food much the same as I do with art supplies!

I am in the process of cleaning out my art supplies.  I have a stack of hard cover books on colored pencil and pastel painting going to the library.

I also added a new book to my library this week.  This is not a ‘how to’  book, but an ‘ideas’ book.  I am still working my way through it.  I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting fresh ideas.


I did a lot of sketching this week.  It really helped me to get through a disappointing week.