Taking your sketchbook with you.

We traveled down to Salem, Oregon and up to Vancouver, Canada in the last week. I had my sketchbook with me to capture traffic jams on the highway, waiting for the ferry, people in restaurants and coffee shops and lastly attendees  at a boating seminar.

I realized before leaving I was getting low on DeAtramentis Black Document Ink.   I ordered two bottles from Goulet Pens and started to wonder why I had ordered yellow in  the same ink last year.


We stayed at Airbnb while in Vancouver, Canada and found a great restaurant, the Cactus Club Cafe.   I don’t normally hand my sketchbook to people to look through.  However, the waiter asked to see it.  At first he thought I should be taking sketches out and selling them.  Then as he looked through the sketchbook he realized they needed to stay  in the sketchbook as it was a visual journal.

This is a quick sketch of people sitting at the bar in the restaurant.


Vancouver was full of Starbucks and all so very close together.


More later….thanks for looking!





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