Other things in my sketchbook!

This page is a result of my frustration with lino carving or lino printing.  Although I am more interested in making stamps.   I have spent hours learning how to carve.  My skills are improving.  I am just not sure what to carve? My mind blanks!

linoI tend to play with carving just before I head to bed.  My main focus of late has been sketching buildings.  This has mostly been from my car due to wet weather.  When I first started sketching people I got frustrated when someone would step in front of the person I was sketching.  I soon learned to just include that person.  I have discovered that cars can be a problem when sketching a building.  You think you have a good view and then a car blocks it.  I could include the car, and I have at times.  However, when you are sketching in your car, another car can quickly block most of the view.  This is one of my sketches.  I believe the third attempt.  A big black pickup parked in front of my car just as I wanted to paint. The car covered approximately three quarters of the view of the building in my sketch. At this point I called it a morning.  I did take a photo of the view before I started so have that to fall back on should I decide to finish painting it.


We attended another meeting on weather.  This related to sailing.  I tried to take notes.   My focus soon turned towards the instructor.   I am so thrilled with that hand.  I cut the sketch out of my note book and added to my sketchbook.

The second sketch on the opposite page is of pencil case which holds a selection of Preppy pens and brush pens.  The reason behind this sketch was to practice pushing  some color into my watercolor painting. I was also trying to improve my writing. However I always seem to fall back to wonky writing especially if I make entries when I am out sketching.


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