Preparing for the big one.

We attended an earthquake preparation meeting this week.  I took my sketchbook along to take notes!


Lots of great information.  It did not take me long to scan the room for an interesting face. I tried a number of times to catch the shape of the hat on this woman.

The Assistant Fire Chief was somewhat animated.  I know I have a 30 day supply of food.  I tend to  stock up on food much the same as I do with art supplies!

I am in the process of cleaning out my art supplies.  I have a stack of hard cover books on colored pencil and pastel painting going to the library.

I also added a new book to my library this week.  This is not a ‘how to’  book, but an ‘ideas’ book.  I am still working my way through it.  I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting fresh ideas.


I did a lot of sketching this week.  It really helped me to get through a disappointing week.



4 thoughts on “Preparing for the big one.

  1. 30 days is a lot of food. I just went to the store and maybe got 4 days worth. Here in CA we must pay for the bags now. Another thing to get use to doing..bring my own bags.
    It’s always a good idea to be prepared. Not sure I would like to do without lights for more than a few days.

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    1. This is for the big earthquake that will travel up the west coast from California. Paying for your bags is a good incentive to bring your own. I always have a selection of bags in the back of my car. The 30 day supply of food would be in the form of dry and can foods. I am not big on canned foods! I guess we would lose lights and water! Thanks for commenting.

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  2. Since we were without power last Nov for 6 days due to a horrible windstorm, weren’t you too?! I think it’s wise to be prepared for a disaster. I like your sketches, Carmel. The Asst Fire chief looks like he kept the meeting interesting! Lol! 😉

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