Last one …maybe!

I believe this will be my last sketchbook of the year. Yes, I got a little carried away with the first page.


I am working in an old favorite. A Strathmore soft cover mixed media 7.5 by 9.5 inches sketchbook. I am also slowing down with my sketching.  Ensuring that I paint each sketch  before moving on to the next.  I find that hard to do.  Especially if I see something interesting going on.

I visited Starbucks on Monday.  They have changed their cup once more.

A quick sketch of their Christmas display.


I have also been playing around with alphabet stamps.  It is just as easy to write the date!

Pen used in these sketches.  Sailor 55 bent nib fountain pen.


5 thoughts on “Last one …maybe!

  1. It is fun to give ourselves challenges when drawing in our sketchbooks! Wow!! Love all the details in your sketches. I also like the alphabet stamps to change things up a bit. 😄


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