Happy New Year!

I realize I have been missing for a while.  Sometimes you just need to sketch!

Busy times during the Holidays.  I took my sketchbook everywhere in 2016 and as a result filled 19 sketchbooks during the year. Some sketching news ….

A new sketching group has been formed in Port Townsend.  We have decided to see if we can establish a local Chapter of Urban Sketchers.  We are tentatively called Urban Sketchers Port Townsend and will be submitting our application in January.   I have been busy building the group’s blog and will post a link when complete. I will also keep you posted on  our application.

I am heading  home to  Australia in February.  My first stop is Sydney to attend a two day workshop with Liz Steel .  I am excited about the workshop and being in Sydney.  Sydney is my hometown.  We will leave Sydney for Tasmania and then head up to Queensland.  Heading home late March.

The Port Townsend group met last week to sketch.  I sketched a building.  The same building twice. Two different styles and two different pens.  The first sketch took 30 minutes the second sketch took 5 minutes  and was in straight ink.  Lamy pen with fine nib for the first sketch and Sailor pen with bent nib for the second.  The second sketch  is how I sketch people!


This morning I ended the year at my favorite place…Starbucks.

Happy New Year may 2017 be full of happiness and sketches.