Keeping Current!

I have spent most of this past week updating other blogs and not mine.  So I am working on a system to keep current with my blog.  Maybe it is weekly.  At least I will give it a try.

No week is complete without a trip to Starbucks.


These gentlemen were sitting approximately three feet in front of me in Starbucks.  I sketched and painted the man with the beige hat first and then added the second person.  They were discussing technical details sharing what looked like wiring diagrams.


I missed going to Life Drawing last week but sat in front of a yoga video to capture figures.


I started a new sketchbook.  This is a Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook, landscape 6 x 9 inches.  This is the same size I will be taking on my trip to Australia.  I wanted to adjust to the size and paper before the trip.  I will start a new sketchbook for the trip.  Those colors at the top of the page are new from Daniel Smith.

We are still not an official Urban Sketcher Chapter although we have been advised to use the name – Urban Sketchers Port Townsend.  We should know by mid March. Yes, landscapes, a subject I need to work on.   The first was sketched from the car while I waited for my friend to arrive before taking off to the Old Alcohol Plant for a sketch outing.  The second is the view from the restaurant at the Old Alcohol Plant.  Yes it is  still too cold to sketch outside.

Finally I did a selfie of myself looking in the mirror while I watched Code Black on my computer.  So serious but I needed to update my profile photo on Facebook.  I would say the look on my face reflects how I feel after visiting Facebook these days.




Testing art supplies….

Colored pencil was my media of choice for over twelve years however in a completely different style of art.  I can’t part with my colored pencils.  Thanks to artists like Veronica Lawlor I am rediscovering colored pencils for sketching.

I always sigh when winter comes.  It means people will start wearing drab colors and lots of hoodies!  At my most recent trip to Starbucks I sat behind three women in bright colored clothes.   I was  able to captured them twice.


The first time in ink & watercolor.  The splashes of color behind did not really work.  Starbucks has an unusual wall hanging.  A collage of photos.   Next time I will try something different.


The second capture is colored pencil with some collage. This one I do like.   I chose not to illustrate the wall hanging.  Just an outline of the sections of collage which make up the wall hanging.   So now to decide. Do I take colored pencils on my trip or could I do the same thing with my watersoluble colored pencils.


Just 4 weeks…

Just 4 weeks until I take off to Australia. I have been trying to prepare. Sorting my travel palette. Which sketchbooks to take. What I will use to sketch on the plane. I know it will all fall into place by the time we leave.

Great strides in setting up the Urban Sketcher Port Townsend Chapter. We are still not official but were advised by USk to add Urban Sketcher to our blog and Facebook group. So getting close. Setting up the blog and Facebook group has kept me busy but not too  busy to sketch and explore new (old) tools. I am also participating in the  online course with Sketchbook Skool ‘A Drawing a Day’ with Veronica Lawyer. Lots of fresh ideas!

When I first start sketching I became fascinated with markers and then put them away.  I always hold onto supplies because you never know where you will be with your art two years from now.

Faber Castell big brush markers.   I don’t have all the skins tones so I made do and I found a photo to work from in the Sktchy App.


Last sketches from 2016

As mentioned earlier I spent New Year’s Eve at Starbucks!  It was so crowded. After a little table hopping I found my favorite seat.  The people were a little different.  The great majority were reading papers and not their cell phones!

I am still playing with my palette in preparation for my trip to Australia.  I really need to lock it in now so I can start using it before the trip.  I am taking two palettes almost identical.  I will share these at a later date!