Just 4 weeks…

Just 4 weeks until I take off to Australia. I have been trying to prepare. Sorting my travel palette. Which sketchbooks to take. What I will use to sketch on the plane. I know it will all fall into place by the time we leave.

Great strides in setting up the Urban Sketcher Port Townsend Chapter. We are still not official but were advised by USk to add Urban Sketcher to our blog and Facebook group. So getting close. Setting up the blog and Facebook group has kept me busy but not too  busy to sketch and explore new (old) tools. I am also participating in the  online course with Sketchbook Skool ‘A Drawing a Day’ with Veronica Lawyer. Lots of fresh ideas!

When I first start sketching I became fascinated with markers and then put them away.  I always hold onto supplies because you never know where you will be with your art two years from now.

Faber Castell big brush markers.   I don’t have all the skins tones so I made do and I found a photo to work from in the Sktchy App.



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