Testing art supplies….

Colored pencil was my media of choice for over twelve years however in a completely different style of art.  I can’t part with my colored pencils.  Thanks to artists like Veronica Lawlor I am rediscovering colored pencils for sketching.

I always sigh when winter comes.  It means people will start wearing drab colors and lots of hoodies!  At my most recent trip to Starbucks I sat behind three women in bright colored clothes.   I was  able to captured them twice.


The first time in ink & watercolor.  The splashes of color behind did not really work.  Starbucks has an unusual wall hanging.  A collage of photos.   Next time I will try something different.


The second capture is colored pencil with some collage. This one I do like.   I chose not to illustrate the wall hanging.  Just an outline of the sections of collage which make up the wall hanging.   So now to decide. Do I take colored pencils on my trip or could I do the same thing with my watersoluble colored pencils.



3 thoughts on “Testing art supplies….

  1. I have a set of 48 watercolor pencils but never find the correct way to use them and I really want. I mostly use 8 watercolor pans for my daily sketching and I am trying to sketch just with the primary and I have a lot of fun mixing colors but when I see someone using watercolor pencils I start feeling the itch to go and use them. You inspire me this time!! 😀 Ill show on my blog the excercise of this 😉 happy sketching


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