February has arrived!

It has been another busy week.  I believe I have my supplies nailed down for my upcoming trip to Australia.

Two Stillman & Birn sketchbooks.  Both are Alpha paper for mixed media.  A hardcover 9 x 6 and softcover 8 x 10.  The softcover will be for the Liz Steel workshop. The hardcover landscape for everyday use.  The hard cover will give me added support when sketching.  I am staying with the same paper so there will  be no adjustment when moving from one sketchbook to the other.  I may take a third just in case.  The “C” indicates the front of the sketchbook.  Both sketchbooks have envelopes glued in the back so I can collect items for collage in my travels.


I am taking two palettes which are both very similar and mostly Daniel Smith I am sorry I have not labeled the colors in the sketch.  The second sketch is of my pens and pencils I will be taking.  A selection of Lamy , Sailor and Carbon fountain pens. Mechanical, water-soluble graphite and water-soluble colored pencils.  I will also be taking a sharpener and glue stick.

This is the front page of the 9 x 6 sketchbook.



I will be taking a backpack on the plane.  Not everything in the backpack will relate to sketching supplies.   When I am not on a plane I will be carrying my supplies in this bag.

I am not sure what they are called.  Something relating to sports.  They normally cost around $9.00.  It will carry my sketchbook and supplies contained in pencil cases in the bag.  It converts to a backpack and you can take everything out of it and spread on the ground to sit on while you sketch.

img_4016I will be taking two pencil cases. Experience has taught me to stay with bright colors so I can easily find things! This first one is lime green and the second one will be neon orange.I may end up taking the three Staedtler pigment liners in this case – an .3, .05, .7. Most of my pencil cases come from Jetpens!

No week is complete without a trip to Starbucks!





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