It doesn’t happen overnight!

It took a while for me to become comfortable sketching people in public. It didn’t happen overnight and it happened in steps. At first I would draw people in pen and ink and made notes of the colors they were wearing. Sketching was a drawn out process.I would sketch on location and  go home and paint. As I am a fast sketcher it would sometimes mean up to 10 sketches. One day I threw caution to the wind and painted on site. It was at this point that sketching became a interesting part of my day and not the whole day!

I have not reached that comfort level when sketching buildings. So I do a lot of my sketches in the comfort of my car. Keep in mind it is also winter in the Pacific Northwest. I expect that I will reach that comfort level after attending Liz Steel’s workshop in Sydney next week. This will be followed by four weeks of travel sketching in the summer sun. I am thoroughly looking forward to the experience.

Just two days before departure and I am still organizing my sketching supplies. I have reduced. Only taking what I use now and I have thrown in a 7 x 10 Stillman & Birn Beta spiral watercolor sketchbook as a back up.

Here are some sketches from the past week.  Some very wonky buildings from my car!


The first one is the entrance of the Olympic Peninsula theater building in Sequim and the last two are of storefronts in Port Townsend.


We had another dinner meeting with the Power Squadron.  I always love sketching people at these events.  Ink and Faber Castell markers.


The last sketch is from Starbucks in Sequim using Faber Castell markers.

My next post will be from Australia!  Happy Sketching everyone!





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